Sea Freight

Container transportation

DOCVIT int’l has class A NVOCC and set up network resources with more than 200 shipping companies of, routes all over the ports in more than 100 countries and regions. In addition, we formed good cooperation with more than 20 well-known overweight carriers and process wealth of experience in heavy equipment lifting and lashing.

DOCVIT int’l advantage shipping routes service:

1. Near-sea shipping routes:

Southeast Asia routes: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

Middle East routes: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Sudan, Jordan, etc.

Indian and Pakistani routes: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc.

Australia New Zealand routes: Australia, New Zealand, etc.

2. Ocean-going shipping routes:

African routes: Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Tunisia, Angola, Djibouti, Cameroon, Mozambique, Gabon, Zambia, etc.

Europe routes: Germany, Netherlands, France, Norway, Italy, Belgium, UK, Turkey, Montenegro, etc.

American routes: USA, Canada, Cuba, Venezuela, Jamaica, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Guyana, etc.

DOCVIT int’l to undertake service including: booking, port receiving, distribution, devanning, tallying, distribution for the import and export containers between the world's major ports & inland points and China's main ports & inland points and through the railway, aviation, coastal and inland river, highway transportation of combined transportation directly deliver the goods to the final destination, at the same time to provide cargo tracking information to oversea agent and shipper. 

In addition to general container service, we can especially be good at OOG (open top, framework, tablet, etc.) transport service and provide supporting services, such as: road transport, stowage, customs declaration, packing, binding reinforcement, lifting, equipment installation. In addition, we can also provide the customer with LCL service as well as the related unpacking, distribution, transfer, warehousing, supervision, unloading and other supporting services according to the customers' needs.

General Containe Import & Export

DOCVIT int’l established long-term strategic partnership with mainstream container liner company (such as MSK, CMA, COSCO, MSC, CSCL, Ham-Sud, APL, Hapag LIoyd, OOCL, PIL, WANHAI, etc.), with stabilize shipment volume, we get full support from container ship company in space guarantee and ocean freight aspect.

Relying on strong overseas service network, we can operate import and export container transportation between world's leading sea ports and China major ports, such as Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, so as to we can provide container FCL, LCL sea freight services to customers national and abroad. Meanwhile, we can provide customs clearance, unpacking and delivery at port of destination. And we can design reasonable shipping route and provide whole course freight transportation tracking service according to customer requirements. 

OOG service

After many years of development, DOCVIT int’l build a strong combat effectiveness OOG operation team, make up of document dept, operating dept, customer service dept as well as site team members. This team can make OOG transport scheme tailor for customers  according to cargo size, weight, lashing requirement, transport time request of customer.

DGR container service

DOCVIT int’l have professional operation ability on dangerous goods transport. We have special cargo supervision personnel, dangerous goods fleet and dangerous goods warehouse. We can provide dangerous goods transport service, such as make plan, declaration documents audit,   supervision of container loading, lash & secure take photo, customs clearance and maritime declaration. Control risk, safe operation and save cost, we always provide professional dangerous goods transportation services to our customers.

Bulk cargo transportation (Breakbulk and Heavy-lifts Import and Export)

After many years of development, DOCVIT int'l constructed a multi-modal transport logistics service system with  bulk cargo as core and with comprehensive service as extension.

DOCVIT int'l bulk cargo and charter service cover routes to Africa, Japan & South Korea, Southeast Asia,Middle East and North & South America. We make a complete set of perfect logistics services tailor for customer, such as packaging, warehousing, stowage, customs declaration, gate-in, lifting, loading & unloading, lashing, tallying, trimming.

DOCVIT int'l industry customers include petroleum, natural gas, chemical, steel and enterprises. And we also provide large-scale comprehensive engineering logistics services, such as oversea construction engineering, water conservancy, electric power grid, stadiums and residential construction.

Breakbulk Import and Export 

DOCVIT int'l has a logistics transportation services team with rich experience in bulk cargo transportation, specialization on business operations, scientific service level and focus on projects. We provide planning-implementation-after-sale one-stop logistics project scheme to our customer. We can effectively complete the loading & unloading and ensure the goods safety.

According to the packing mode, during the transportation, loading & unloading and custody, DOCVIT int'l bulk cargo service can cover following categories:

1) bagged cargo;

2) bundled goods;

3) barrel cargo;

4) case goods;

5) basket & canned cargo;

6) large goods

Heavy-lifts logistics

As one customers long-term trust professional transportation company, DOCVIT int'l has more than ten years of service and operation experience on project and large equipment. We can provide customer with whole process service on heavy-lifts, such as: lifting, loading & unloading, international transport, delivery to door and positioning at site. We can provide one-stop logistics solution on heavy-lifts projects and meet lifting transportation service requirements of the projects, such as chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, ports, railways, bridges and highway.

DOCVIT int'l heavy-lifts logistics service include:

1) customized scientific feasibility and cost optimization logistics solutions;

2) inland water or road transportation services between factory and docks;

3) international sea, railway and multimodal transport services between port and port;

4) loading & unloading at wharf, lashing & securing, supervision & measuring service;

5) transportation road field survey service;

6) unloading and positioning service at construction site;

7) whole process tracking and feedback service.

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