Air Freight

Consolidation transport (Import and Export)

1.DOCVIT int'l has the qualification of class A freight sales agents which issued by China air transport association. We are the premium member of IATA and FIATA.

2.DOCVIT int'l maintain long-term & good interaction and cooperation with various major airlines, such as CA, CZ, MU, HU, LH, EK, KE, EY, CX/KA, KL, TK, DL, ET, DT, thus ensure our stable price, adequate space and airline network which covering main airports all over the world.

3.Through its own strong international agency network, DOCVIT int'l can arrange air import and export service between world's main airports and major city in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Wuhan and Chengdu.

4.DOCVIT int'l import and export air service cover various areas, such as general cargo, dangerous goods, temporary import and export, exhibition and returning shipment. We can create all-around and high quality one-stop air transport import and export service to our customer.


Scheduled Flight

1. DOCVIT int’l has long-term close cooperation with the capital airport BGS warehouse, Air China  warehouse, Hongyuan assembled warehouse and Shanghai Pudong main receiving terminal. We especially can arrange build up and assemble service in Hongyuan warehouse at Beijing airport to ensure customer large quantity of materials can be sent out with whole plate flight service.

2. According to the regulation of IATA, as pictured above, the world is divided into three air transport areas, referred to as IATA Triffic Conference Areas. DOCVIT int’l has good relationship and agreement with various airlines to ensure scheduled flights service for weekly fixed routes to the customer with large quantity goods of delivery. According to different regional air  transportation service area, DOCVIT int’l can provide customer with relevant good quality transportation service.

TACT 1 (TC1) mainly consists of North America, Central America and South America, divided into four sub-regions: Caribbean, Mexico, remote and South America.  Main advantage airlines: UA, DL, CA, AC, CZ, MU, SQ, NH, JL

TACT 2 (TC2) mainly consists of Europe, Middle East and Africa, divided into three sub-regions: Europe, Middle East and Africa.

 Main advantage airlines: CA, LH, BA, KL/AF, TK, SU, EK, EY, HU, DT, ET

TACT 3 (TC3) mainly consists of Asia, Oceania and Pacific islands, divided into four sub-regions: Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Western Pacific, Japan/South Korea.   Main advantage airlines: TG, SQ, KA/CX, MU, CA, HU, KE, NH, JL, CA, CZ

3. DOCVIT int’l professional import and export operation services win the unanimous approval of the customs office, commodity inspection department, supervision warehouse, aviation association and freight forwarding association.

4. DOCVIT int’l professional customer service team can provide customer with the most professional, timely and accurate transportation tracking and updating services to ensure client know the real-time dynamics of shipment in the first place.

Chartered Carrier

1. DOCVIT int’l has an import and export customer service team with strong fighting capacity, average industry experience over 7 years with rich experience and problem solving ability. We can make the best air charter and part charter service with the most professional service level tailor for our customer.

2. With good relations with various airlines and charter operators, DOCVIT int’l can organize and  provide charter operation service at freight peak season or when customer needs to meet customer demand for different routes, aircraft type and materials.

Charter services include:

1) design the plan of charter flight;

2) operation and site loading service;

3) dynamic tracking and update;

4) deal with navigation rights, the time of examination and approval and agent service of airline;

5) disassemble and connection service handover at port of destination.

3. DOCVIT int’l charter flight service across the petrochemical industry, natural gas, construction, textile, precision electronic products, clean energy, vehicle & spare parts, medical equipment, communications equipment and valuables. Especially be good at engineering supply equipment, vehicles & spare parts, precision instrument charter flight service.

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