Multimodal Transportation

Sea-Land Service

According to customer individual needs, relying on relationship and the advantage resources with shipping lines, airlines, railroads, and overseas agents, DOCVIT int'l provide customers with professional transportation solutions, such as Sea-Land Service, Road and Railway Intermodal Service and Air-Land Coordinated Service to ensure the goods to reach final location safely and successfully.

DOCVIT int'l has good and deep cooperation relations with many international shipping companies. We provide regular seafreight service to Asia, North and South America, Africa routes, at the same time, we also can provide sea-land value-added service according to request of many customers on their goods transportation to oversea inland port, inland points, specified address & terminal of consignee. DOCVIT int'l is in charge of  whole process one-stop service, such as Door-to-Door, CY-CY, and CY-Door. Fast & efficient customs declaration, customs transfer, transit and customs clearance in many countries and arrange vehicle and vessel direct loading subject to cargo characteristic.Reduce the middle red tape as much as possible and really accomplish seamless connection at transition point.

Service scope: DOCVIT int'l provide sea-land service for container and bulk cargo import and export between main ports of China and inland countries & regions of Asia, Africa, North & South America. We also provide real-time cargo tracking to our customers.

Road and Railway Intermodal Service

DOCVIT int'l can carry out one consignment,one single heel to the end, one-stop convenient and fast professional service for the transport of customer materials. The comprehensive informatization professionalization of road and railway intermodal service integrates the advantages of road and railway, which can  transport the goods to the destination safely, costly and efficiently. The transport of roads and railways can be closely coordinated and tightly connected, which reduce the risks of damage, theft of goods and reduce the delays and transit problems of goods during transit.

Service scope: operate road and railway intermodal service for container and vehicle import and export from all over China through border gateway, such as Alataw Pass and Manchuria to the five central Asian countries and Russia, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Germany.  

Air-Land Coordinated Service

DOCVIT int'l has the qualification of class A freight sales agents which issued by China air transport association and we  set up close agent cooperation with various major airlines. Our transportation services can be spread around the world and can make the most professional air-land coordinated service according to the logistics demand of our customers.

We design professional air-land coordinated service plan for some inland area which can't be transported by air. First send  the  air cargo of customer to the world's main airports, then through the air-land coordinated service, delivery cargo to inland small city. By fast customs clearance, rapid transit land transportation loading, simplifying procedures of transit transport, we can achieve seamless land transport at destination airport to meet the business needs of customers to develop customer business domain. At the same time, with our international network and strong ability on site operation, we can track the goods dynamic, deal with emergencies at transit site timely , really achieve  across country door-to-door quick delivery for customers.

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