Characteristic Service

Oversea Projects

With Chinese enterprises continuous "going out" practice of strategy, worldwide construction projects increased day by day, such as petrochemical power facilities construction, stadium & tenement built, airport/port construction, and laying of bridges & tunnels and highway & railroad track construction. All relevant necessary construction equipment and related production & living related supplies need professional logistics enterprises to provide quick & safe international transportation service as guarantee for the overseas engineering company.

With many years of experience in oversea projects, DOCVIT int'l has been devoting resources and combing channels in projects market segments. Through the perfect global network, senior professional team and strict operation specifications, we can provide customers with complete, professional and personalized oversea projects logistics solutions. Implementation of the entire logistics planning and site operation service for all kinds of complicate oversea projects. Based on rich practical experience and excellent operating strength in oversea projects, we can really provide door to door logistics service  from picking up at domestic point of origin  until delivery to oversea project site  for our customers.

Operation advantages on oversea projects logistics :

1. Booking and Chartering

2. Declaration documents issue 

3. Special certifacate and documents necessary

4. Customs clearance

5. Site supervision

Fields of advantages on oversea  project logistics:

1. Petroleum and chemical industry

2. Steel and building materials

3. Power and grid area

4. Mining drilling

5. Energy and environment

6. Road and bridge

7. Public facilities

Special logistics projects

With the deep progress of international economic and technological cooperation between China and many countries in the world, more and more international companies invest in China and domestic companies also buy advanced equipment from abroad to improve the technical ability. Thus professional equipment international transport demand is increasing. Through professional project management such as customer demand analysis, project team building, project scheme design and implementation at project site,   DOCVIT int'l can provide professional equipment transportation service for many domestic enterprises.

We can arrange shipment for the regular cargo with complete package to be load into container and the oversize, overweight, ultra-long unpacked professional equipment. We can provide special logistics service such as barge transportation, ocean vessel transportation, customs clearance, declaration for inspection & quarantine, warehousing and inland transportation from country of origin to country of destination. DOCVIT int'l has high-quality professionals with experience in the transportation of equipment. According to difference use, volume and weight of cargo, our special logistics projects service include: 

1.Design whole transportation scheme on professional equipment. 

2.Analyze and solve possible legal and customs clearance problems. 

3.Arrange operation according to equipment installation and transportation specification. 

4.Supervise cargo loading/unloading during transit and at port. 

5.Formulate emergency plan for equipment transportation. 

6.Professional road survey personnel conduct road survey along the way to select the optimal route before carrying out inland transportation of large equipment. 

7.Carry out professional project management for the whole process of transportation. 

8.Provide customers with real-time tracking and project progress report.

Railway Special Service

Railway Special Service - China Asia Railway & China Europe Railway service

China Asia & China Europe railway service mention to international railway container train which operate according to the fixed routes, line, schedule and the entire runtime between China and the five central Asian countries, Europe and the country along OBOR.

The logistics transportation between Asia and Europe mainly includes sea, air and land service. With its characteristics of short distance,  fast speed, high safety and with its advantages of safe & rapid, green & environmental protection and low influence by the natural environment, China Europe railway has become one of the backbone way road transport in current international logistics.The transport between China and five central Asian countries has also been gradually developed from traditional road transport to railway service.

Through the development of OBOR grand strategy in recent years, China Asia and China Europe railway has become increasingly mature,  economic and trade exchanges increasingly active among the countries along the railway. The railway, port, customs cooperation increasingly close between the countries.

Transport channel

DOCVIT int'l temporize international logistics development trend, formed our own special railway transport team at first time. Around the development of China Asia & China Europe railway, we gradually formed two service section: China Europe and China Asia railway.

According to differencee of departure ports, China Europe railway service is divided into three transportation channels, such as west route (via Alataw Pass),  central route (via Erenhot) and east route (manchuria).

China Asia railway service mainly transport to the five central Asian countries via Alataw Pass from the China main port cities, such as Lanzhou, Boxing, Xi 'an, Luoyang and Chongqing. 

DOCVIT int'l railway transport service regional coverage mainly for below areas:

China Europe railway service: (available from the port of destination to the door all over Europe)

1) West route (via Alataw Pass)

Port of origin: Chongqing, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Yiwu, Wuhan, Changsha, Hefei

Pathway: Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland

Destination: Czechoslovakia, Poland (Warsaw), Germany (Hamburg), Spain (Madrid)

2) Central route (via Erenhot)

Port of origin: Zhengzhou

Pathway: Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Poland

Destination: Germany (Hamburg)

3) East route (via Manchuria)

Port of origin: Suzhou, Harbin, Guangzhou,

Ways: Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Poland

Destination: Russia (Vorsino of Kaluzhskaya Oblast), Poland (Warsaw), Germany (Hamburg)

China Asia railway service:

1) Lanzhou - Alataw Pass - Kazakhstan (Almaty)

2) Lianyungang - Horgos - Kazakhstan (Almaty) - Uzbekistan (Tashkent)

3) Xi 'an -   Alataw Pass - Kazakhstan (Almaty)

4) Luoyang -  Alataw Pass - Kazakhstan (Almaty) - Uzbekistan (Tashkent) & Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)

Other special railway service: along with the national strategy of OBOR construction,  China Europe, China Asia, China Thailand,  China Mongolia, China Vietnam and pan-asia railway network are in rapid development, DOCVIT int'l railway special service will integrate resources at first time to meet the full range of  needs from different customer.

DOCVIT int'l railway transport service types coverage:

Container loading (FCL)

Container shipping (LCL)

Heavy-lift projects

Inland Water Transport

DOCVIT int'l constantly improve our own profession, fully grasp effectiveness of gate in, precision of schedule,   adequacy of space and timeliness of barges for inland water transport.  With  full process, specialization, informationization and integration logistics solutions, we provide professional one-stop inland water transport scheme for clients. DOCVIT int'l insists on "customer-oriented and market-oriented" and continues to build the fine inland water transport business.

DOCVIT int'l has established long-term cooperative partnership with many large domestic trade shipping companies, which can select high-quality inland water transport routes for customers and provide reliable inland water port operation services. At present, we are mainly engaged in the inland water transport port express line from Dalian port, Yingkou port, Jinzhou port and Tianjin port to East China, South China and the Pearl River Delta. Mainly to undertake domestic trade container transport service, such as door to door, CY to CY,  barges and trailer. At same time we can match a full range of one-stop services such as storage, loading, picking up and gate-in. The double flow connecting south & north inland water transpor pattern meet the requirements of customers and win the high evaluation of customers.

DOCVIT int'l inland water transport can cover following ports: Qingdao port, Rizhao port, Yantai port, Quanzhou port, Xiamen port, Fuzhou port, Shanghai port, Nanjing port, Nantong port, Zhangjiagang port, Changshu port, Yangzhou port, Changzhou port, Zhenjiang port, Jiangyin port, Ningbo port, Wenzhou port, Taizhou port, etc.

Insurance Broker Service

DOCVIT Insurance Broker (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. We insist on innovation and development, taking the path of specialization, providing  fully security work for integrated logistics service, especially be good at freight, projects, employer liability and aircraft & ship insurance business, service scope covering the petrochemical industry, electric power, water conservancy, traffic, road building, transportation fields. We provide clients with professional project risk identification, assessment, control, transfer and make insurance scheme to ensure reimbursement of benefit maximization and dispose of loss minimization for customers after occurrence of risk.

Contents of insurance service:

1. Design and implement insurance plan, service scope covering:  insurance on domestic multi-modal transportation, international ocean shipping and  airfreight to meet different customers and different business needs.

2. Prepay insurance permium (prepay insurance permium for customers).

3. Replace the insurance claims (on behalf of customer to claim the insurance company and follow up complete the insurance claim).

4. Prepay insurance claim payment (after insurance company confirmed the loss amount, we can pay compensation to customer in advance).

Freight insurance project team of DOCVIT Insurance Broker (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has 24 hours service hotline: 010-85863606

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