Integrated Service

Booking and Chartering Service

DOCVIT int'l  is a class A freight fowarding company with NVOCC qualification whcih approved by National Ministry of Commerce and State Ministry of Transportation. We are booking agent for container ship, bulk cargo  and ro-ro ship of MSK, CMA, COSCO, MSC, OOCL, HBS, EUKOR, WWL.

Relying on well-known shipping companies and other high quality partners formed a solid business relationship, through the centralized purchasing capacity or long-term agreement, we can get competitive price of advantage and hold fixed space and priority booking right at peak season.

According to the quantity, weight, volume and cargo characteristics of the consignments, we design optimized and reasonable  professional logistics plan such as chartering, FCL and LCL. Carrying equipment covers vehicles, engineering materials, precision instruments, textiles, OOG for loading of dangerous goods & private goods, etc.

Customs Clearance and Declaration for Inspection & Quarantine

DOCVIT int'l provides import and export sea, air, rail and land customs clearance and declaration for inspection & quarantine .

1. According to the accurate information and information provided by the customer, make the customs declaration form and inspection documents and provide export declaration and inspection service. Depending on the specific booking and departure time,  arrange customs clearance and inspection.

2. Provide customs transfer and customs clearance service at transit country & destination country. According to the actual and accurate cargo information provided by the customer, we make all kinds of customs clearance & customs transfer documents and information based on the import requirements of the transit country and destination country. Arrange customs transfer and customs clearance procedure timely to complete customs clearance smoothly after shipment arrive the port of destination.

3. Declaration for Inspection & Quarantine service cover all kinds of foreign contracted projects materials, such as mechanical equipment, chemical products, food, household appliances, clothing and shoes & hats, steel, etc.

Customs clearance service: 

complete a series of import and export customs clearance services according to the customs declaration information provided by the customer and make customs declaration and inspection documents for the customer to make them relax. 

Declaration for inspection & quarantine service: 

provide all kinds of inspection and declaration agent service, such as arrange payment, checking, sampling, releasing, issuing certificate.

Container Stuffing and Gate-in Service

According to customer's individual needs, DOCVIT int'l provide comprehensive loading & gate-in solution, such as loading at origin,  loading at CY, LCL loading, general container gate-in, OOG/dangerous goods/large cargo direct loading on vessel.Through good cooperation with  depot and dock fleet, we get strong support in stacking field, machine force, port fleet and time control.We focus on the details and key of process based on traditional stuffing & gate-in, such as pick up, stuffing, gate-in to strengthen to the best. We adher to the service concept of "sincerity first, people-centered" and earnestly fulfill the service promise of "all-weather, all-directional and whole process" for the majority of customers.

Devanning and Allocating Service

With the perfect domestic and foreign agent network, DOCVIT int'l undertake the import and export business of all overs world and we can provide a series of service port of destination such as allocation and transfer. After years of experience accumulation, we have mature operation management on devanning service , which can provide customers with devanning service systematically and timely. We have developed a number of professional staff with rich in operation experience and high sense of responsibility. We often get high praise from customers in devanning and allocating service and enjoy good reputation in our industry. DOCVIT int'l have established close cooperation relationship with many container depot in China, the warehouse site is adequate, the security measures is good, the facilities is ready and  vehicles is enough. We have strong ability to solve field emergencies.Through the direct connection with the operator who engaged in container scheduling at dock, our operation plan can be made in the shortest time, which can ensure the quick and safe devanning and removal of the goods. In case of special circumstances, we can keep the containers at depot for customers and save the customers cost.

Lashing and Securing Service

Proper scientific lashing and securing is the precondition for safe transportation. DOCVIT int'l has a dedicated and capable site expert team, with years of experience  in out-of-gauge goods, heavy-lifts, project supplies and special vehicles, we can arrange shipment delivery to customers timely  and safely. Our site experts will provide customers with a complete solution of lashing design and implementation at site. DOCVIT int'l provide professional &  stable quality service, which can meet the personalized logistics needs of customers.

Lashing and securing principle

By means of different lashing & securing methods to make cargo and container, cargo and ship body become a unit as far as possible. In such case, during long period of ocean transit, goods will not happen horizontal or vertical displacement because of inertia and wave, thereby avoiding  loss because of hit each other with container or other good.  The key points on quality of lashing and securing are the following three aspects: vertical tension, horizontal displacement and tumbling.

Lashing and securing main points

■ Whether the tensile strength of lashing material and quantity can meet the weight requirements of the goods

■ Lashing and securing must meed the request of MSL and SWL

■   Whether lashing and securing material can be strengthened by the auxiliary material to sufficient fastening degree

■ Use wooden batten or wooden wedge to form a two-way block to the goods

■ All goods unit (including container) on the voyage of ship should be loaded and lashed  strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements of 《cargo securing manual》.

Stevedoring Service

DOCVIT int'l provides customers with professional & safe stevedoring service.We have a professional hoisting management and site operation team. With all kinds of tonnage crane forklift and complete specifications of hoisting tools. Well-equipped, strong technical force,  our team are familiar with various kinds of shore cranes, ship cranes and floating cranes. Our staff have rich work experience for all kinds of high, difficult, heavy, risk stevedoring operation. With exquisite technology, first-class service to complete all kinds of difficult works, such as assembling, hoisting, transporting for all kinds of advanced precision machine equipment and over height, over size, over weight equipment. We are are deeply praised and trusted by our customers.

Through the deep cooperation with ports & wharfs, such as Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Guangzhou and the long-term partnership with various big bulk carrier, DOCVIT int'l can arrange stevedoring operation in reasonable and scientific way for clients' goods. Under the premise of guaranteeing safe operation, we and our cooperative partners can provide a full range of wharf stevedoring service to make wharf operation more efficient, more economical and more secure.

Supervising and Tallying Service

DOCVIT int'l privide supervising and tallying service for our customers, service scope is as below:

■ Tally service for bulk cargo on international and domestic routes

■ Tally service for contanier cargo on international and domestic routes 

■ Cargo measuring service

■ Supervise service on stevedoring

■ Verification service on cargo loss and container damage

■ Issue tally list and tally report

■ Tally information consultation service

DOCVIT int'l has experienced site team and logistics specialists engaged in freight supervision and tally service for several decades. No matter sorching summer or bitter winter, with the faith of wholeheartedly serve for customer, our professional team will assist clients to finish all necessary site works at the scene of logistics before goods arrive at destination, such as receive and check goods, tallyl and take photo, check shipping mark, site supervision at dock yard, collate packing data and issue supervision report. 

With  our own comprehensive information management system, normalized tally process, standardized supervision management, professional site staff and modern logistics concept, we always improve our market competitiveness and service capabilities to provide customers with first-class site supervision and tally service.

Storage and Bonded Service

The storage of goods is critical to the customer's supply chain and project logistics needs. DOCVIT int'l always focuse on warehouse and storage service.Through the establishment of a global warehousing network, we can provide customers with "door to door" logistics services to enable customers to deliver their goods to anywhere in the world. With superior customer service, customized flexible solutions and complete storage facilities, DOCVIT int'l can ensure the smooth delivery of customers' goods at every stage of the transportation cycle. Even in countries or regions without our own storage facilities, we also can provide expert guidance on the search/arrangement of cargo storage solutions.

DOCVIT int'l set up professional warehouse storage service center at ports, such as Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Guangzhou. The storage area of 1 million square meters,  service cover goods storage, loading/unloadling, packaging, lashing, storage and distribution. Our storage service can improve the operation efficiency and safety, save operating costs, reduce operational risk. At the same time, we can also provide bonded warehouse service for the processing trade import goods, transit goods, not closing customs formality general trade goods and other not closing customs formality goods approved by the customs, etc at free trade zone.

Documents Processing at POL(Fumigation, Export license and C/O)

DOCVIT int'l provides a full range of service according to the personalized needs of customers to handle all kinds of special certificates necessary for import and export customs clearance. By studying the specific requirements and laws & regulations of customs on import and export of all sorts of goods, we can provide a complete import and export special documents solution. On the premise of ensuring the safe and smooth delivery of customer goods to destination, our work will reduce risk and save time on customs clearance and fully comply with the requirements of customs and relevant organization.

Special documents for import and export:

■ Import and export CCIB inspection

■ Import & export licence

■ CIQ certificate

■ Fumigation certificate

■ DGM identification

■ Shanghai chemical research institute cargo transportation condition appraisal letter

■ Magnetic inspection report

Certificate of origin:

■ CO

■ Form A

■ Form B

■ Form E

■ Form F

■ Form N

■ Form P

■ Form R

Documents Processing at POD(ECTN,CNCA, BSC,PVOC,BV&PSI)

Through deep study of certification procedures and standards regulations of customs, bureau of standards and related institutions, DOCVIT int'limplement resource integration and expande channels on destination documents and customs clearance documents, therefore provide customers with more ways of authentication and best way of certification.

Documents category of customs clearance at destination

■ ECTN: applicable country: Central African Republic, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Burundi, Equatorial Guinea, Libya, Chad, Benin, Togo, Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mozambique, Tanzania, etc.

■ CNCA: applicable country:  Angola

■ BSC: applicable country:  Ivory Coast, Madagascar

■ PVOC: applicable country:  Kenya

■  BV&PSI: applicable country:   Iran, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Colombia, Tanzania and Philippines, etc. 

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