Logistics Finance Solution

Logistics Settlement Financial Plan (Confirming Storage)

DOCVIT int'l flexible use of various settlement methods to provide logistics financial service to the intended customers.

Cash-on-delivery service: help the intended customers to collect payment from buyers while providing logistics service to customers.

Prepay payment for goods: pay half payment for goods to the intended customers while shipping one lot shipment for customers. If the amount of payment is large, DOCVIT int'l help the intended customers to transfer the right of goods to the bank and obtain bank financing.

Acceptance bill services: also known as the confirming storage service. As a logistics enterprise, DOCVIT int'l help the intended customers to sign the confirming storage agreement with suppliers and banks. We provide guarantee of acceptance and assist customers to apply for acceptance bill of exchange on the guarantee deposit at bank.  DOCVIT int'l sign a warehousing supervision agreement with bank to send the goods purchased by customer to the bank specified warehouse. We provide warehouse storage and warehouse management service. Through our confirming storage service, the intended customers can apply for acceptance bill of exchange from bank to purchase goods from supplier. Customers obtain the indirect financing, which may solve financial stress of enterprise.

Logistics Rarehouse Receipt Financial Plan (Finance-Transportation and Warehouse)

Also known as finance-transportation and warehouse service. DOCVIT int'l go deep into enterprise supply chain system and sign cooperation framework agreement with enterprise to solve the financing problem of small and medium-sized enterprises.

As a logistics enterprise, DOCVIT int'l is a bridge between customers and banks. We help the intendedsecurity customers to use their raw materials or finished products as collateral security to store in the warehouse and obtain bank loans. We provide customers with service, such as storage, value assessment, supervision, credit guarantee. Customers can get bank financing with the liquid assets such as raw materials or finished products to reduce the pressure on the capital of the inventory through our finance-transportation and warehouse service.

Logistics Credit Granting Financial Plan (Direct Pledge Loan)

DOCVIT int'l signed agreements with financial institutions to grant certain credit lines from financial institutions. We can use these credit lines  directly provide a flexible mortgage business to our long-term customers. We can directly provide customers with collateral financing,  collateral security storage management service and regulatory service. The inbound and outbound order issued by customers as long as confirmed by DOCVIT int',  customers can arrange ongoing inventory and outbound during collateral security storage. It will eliminate financial institutions confirmation, notify, coordinate and deal with links to improve supply chain efficiency.Therefore, it can realize the integration of two businesses: apply loan and collateral security storage.

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